'Right Up Your Street'
Research, pilot study, production (funded by the Norfolk Professional Development Centre) and outreach support of educational resource for all Norfolk middle schools, focusing on local distinctiveness in the built environment.


Education materials were produced in response to the well-known statement by environmentalist Freeman Tilden:


Through interpretation, understanding, through understanding, appreciation, through appreciation, protection.


The aim of the worksheets was to fulfil several areas of the national curriculum at Key Stage 2, while at the same time stimulating a new awareness of familiar buildings seen every day, so that children could start to form their own opinions about the value of old buildings.


As part of the pilot project pupils in three participating schools were interviewed individually and in groups, and were asked to complete questionnaires to establish how they felt about the historic environment before, immediately after, and three months after participating in the project. The pilot found that conservation values were successfully developed and sustained in two out of the three participating schools.


Please contact Caroline for further information on the conclusions of the pilot projects.